We steal, mostly, our definition of an erasure from Derrida, from Heidegger’s lines, and so on.

An erasure for us is something that cannot be fully explained or perhaps cannot even hope for the beginning of an explanation, yet it must be acknowledged. We must continue, as we always have, to use whatever tools are at our disposal, however rudimentary or complex, to build ideas, communicate ideas, destroy them, mock them, adore them, sanctify them, worship them, and in all ways give them meaning, no matter how short our meanings may fall from the one desired.

This blog is an effort to find and share the words that prove that a life walked in erasures is a great one, perhaps the greatest one. Art, to the humble creator of this little project, is the pursuit of the highest meaning and truth in things; the acceptance that all things truly must be written ‘under erasure’, but that what comes after is one of the highest endeavors of the human mind.

To be more tangible-

Here, on this page, every single day, you will find words that, I hope, will move you. Whether they show you the greatest or worst things words can do, whether you are compelled to laugh, cry, hate, create or destroy, my hope is that an effort to find the genuinely evocative will prove, day after day, the ultimate power of language.

* * *

This page is my reminder. To myself, to all of you, to the future. A reminder for every person who may have a loss of confidence in what can be done with words. May the confidence never be lost, but more importantly, may the effort always continue.

Please, enjoy yourselves.


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