Untitled Poem (by James O’barr, from the graphic novel The Crow)

In the city, where angels fear to hover and devils come to croon, the
sex of the night lets down her black narcotic hair under a yellow
opium moon. Here a shadow of a shadow, and earthbound ghost shivers,
not from October chill, but in erotic pain. He say to his dead lover,
“We should never have come here, with flesh so soft and hearts so
unwise, but like tigers in tall, tall grass, like Christ in the Garden
of Gethsemane, we sucked in our fear and we came here.” Now all the
atrocities are replayed like a late, late show. “We came here but we
never should have stayed. Though we had inertia and radius and depth,
we took the last train with velocity and passed our own deaths.”

So the crow spirals down through a collapsed dream and the only sound
he makes is …
… like a concave scream.


One Response to “02.05.2008”

  1. phreakaholic Says:

    pretty cool… 🙂

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